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Hello friends,

Time for another update! One of my goals is to try to dedicate just as much time for my own blogs as I do for the real estate and vacation rental company clients that I also write travel blogs for. (That’s a lofty goal for me since I already feel stretched to my limit most days, but totally doable with the right planning.)

I really enjoy the work I do for my clients, so it remains a top priority for me right now—but there is still hope that I will actually find time to carve out space in my little world to give more time and attention here.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Stay tuned as the journey continues and thanks for every time you visit with me here. I do notice and appreciate your likes and comments. Feel free to let me know what you think as we go forward from here. I’d love to hear and discuss your feedback, or just say hi.

Thanks again for stopping by and may your everyday be filled with adventure of one kind or another!

Are you traveling anywhere new and exciting in 2020? Please let me know!



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