First Impressions of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Well, I’ve driven through the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN areas previously, but haven’t really spent time getting to know the area. It’s our second night here and we’re finally getting settled in. Traveling with a baby takes some getting used to, and changes your itinerary a bit, but it’s still fun. It’s also a little more time consuming. Plus, both my husband and I both are working remotely the first couple of days during our stay, so it’s been a bit hectic.

I really enjoyed driving the scenic route into this area via the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was a beautiful drive and if we had the time, I would have loved to stop a few more times en route to check out some of the vistas and vantage points. We will definitely drive back to the park and spend more time there during our trip. That’s already on the itinerary.

My first impressions of Pigeon Forge are of a Myrtle Beach-esque type of town, without the beach of course. It’s a little more countrified and a lot more nickel and dimey. (I know I’m not using real words here, but bear with me.) There are a lot of gift shops, miniature golf courses, chain restaurants, dinner theaters and shows, and the ever-famous Dollywood. It is very commercialized. I repeat, very commercialized. That’s really not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I can have a good time just about anywhere, but I prefer an off-the-beaten path trail rather than a loud, crowded tourist attraction any day.

It will be interesting to see how our two-week stay shapes up. We’re staying at the RiverStone Resort & Spa, which is pretty nice. I could easily spend most of my time here at the resort and be completely content. A little sun, some time in the lazy river, a walk on the nature trail, lounging on the deck reading a good book, and soaking in the jacuzzi sound like a perfect vacation to me. I will be spending some time doing those things, for sure. However, I look forward to getting out and exploring the area and seeing what else is out there. I am particularly interested in searching for some good local restaurants. I hope I can find some amidst the sea of customary chain restaurants. Blah!

I still have work to do tonight and it’s already nearing 10:30pm, so I’ll keep this short. I’m looking forward to some new adventures combined with a little rest and relaxation. Bring it!

Have you been to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area? If so, I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences. I am open to suggestions and recommendations of great things to do while vacationing here—and don’t forget to let me know about any fantastic local dining spots you’ve found. I’d love to hear about them. Nighty night!


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