Swim Every Ocean

I was looking through some of my photos this morning and came across this little gem: Swim Every Ocean. Simple yet profound. And what an awesome bucket list idea! I mean, there are only five oceans in the world, so it's totally doable, right? This started me on a walk down memory lane via my …

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Open Your Mind, Get Up Off the Couch, Move

I was recently reading an article that featured a day in the life of Anthony Bourdain. Though I was fairly well-acquainted with him, his persona and his popular influence in the world of travel and food, I gained more insight into his philosophy on life, food, travel as well as more about him on a personal …

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11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”.

Great read!

Filling My Map

When I left my 7th grade math classroom for my Fulbright research assignment in Finland I thought I would come back from this experience with more inspiring, engaging, innovative lessons.  I expected to have great new ideas on how to teach my mathematics curriculum and I would revamp my lessons so that I could include more curriculum, more math and get students to think more, talk more and do more math.

This drive to do more and More and MORE is a state of existence for most teachers in the US….it is engrained in us from day one.  There is a constant pressure to push our students to the next level to have them do bigger and better things.  The lessons have to be more exciting, more engaging and cover more content.  This phenomena  is driven by data, or parents, or administrators or simply by our work-centric society where we…

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