My Island Getaway


I know that North Carolina’s winters are nothing to complain about in comparison to what’s happening in other areas of the country this winter. However, this week we are expecting snowfall (again). I am not thrilled about this, not at all. Snow days can have their beauty and cozy charm,  I guess, but in my opinion nothing compares to a warm, sunny, sandy, salty beach somewhere tropical.

So, in a desperate attempt to escape the realities of this time of year, I choose to daydream.

I hereby dedicate this week to one of my favorite island getaways: St. John in the US Virgin Islands. I miss you, my long lost friend. I really do. Excuse me while I grab my sunscreen and a Cruzan rum drink; I’ll meet you on the beach.

Is there someplace tropical you’d love to escape to right now? Let me know, I’d love to join in your escape, too.

St. John, take me away…


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