Just Go

It’s supposed to be a beautiful couple of days here in North Carolina with temps reaching the mid-70s by tomorrow. Hooray! Spring is flirting with me and I don’t mind one bit.

I’ll definitely be heading outdoors to enjoy as much of it as I can, though it’s already mid-Monday and I find myself distracted by a million-and-one things I need to get done today, this week, and so on. I am determined not to let those things interfere with getting outdoors, though they easily could. I could sit at my desk all day long and still not finish what I’d like to today.

So I’ve decided an outdoor break and walk are in order, and they will not be compromised. I need some fresh air; I need some sun on my skin; I need to get away from my desk; I need to clear my head; and I certainly need some exercise.

I will make time for it. I will just go.

If you’re contemplating a small trek outdoors (even if for only a few minutes) or something on a grander, larger scale—like a trip or getaway; I say follow this advice: Just go!


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