Our Antigua Adventure: Day 3

Thursday we spent the morning here at our place and my husband’s dad came over. My husband cooked us all breakfast, which was scrumptious. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon just chatting and catching up before heading to a family get together later in the day.

On the way, we stopped by the house where my husband spent a portion of his life growing up and where his dad still lives today. We walked the yard and enjoyed the fruit trees and tropical flowers before continuing on our way.

The house we went to for the get together was on another part of the island, closer to the airport. It was formerly a hotel or inn, I believe. It is set high on a hill with beautiful panoramic views from the back patio, wraparound porch and pool area.

The house is surrounded by plants and flowers of all types, colors and sizes. Potted plants, flowering bushes and tropical trees filled with butterflies and birds filled the outdoor space. There was so much beauty.

My son really loved exploring the yard and touching every single thing he could get his little toddler hands on. He also thoroughly enjoyed walking laps around the unground pool, making some of the older women quite nervous, I think. And let’s not forget his fascination with the ant hill that he insisted on standing smack dab in the middle of (repeatedly) as the ants crawled all over his legs.

And food. Let’s talk about the feast that was prepared by my husband’s sister and his dad’s wife and her sister. It was all delicious. There was everything from salt fish balls, goat curry and Johnny cakes to lasagna, Mac-and-cheese and potato salad. I really enjoyed the cassava cakes and fried plantains, too. Dessert included a decadent custard, rum-soaked black cake and a fruit trifle, just to name a few of the sweet delicacies.

His family graciously sent us leftovers to take home and enjoy, which we did. Thoroughly. (I want to eat it all again. Now!)

My husband got to reunite with people he knew and family he had grown up with but hadn’t seen in a very long time. I in turn got more insight into his life and family. It was really nice.

We stayed into the early evening, and would have loved to stay longer as people continued to come and go, but it was passed a certain toddler’s bedtime and he was getting cranky…. and beginning to make me cranky.

So, we decided to call it a day. And what a good day it was.



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