Our Antigua Adventure: Day 5

Saturdays are always a day of rest for our family since we observe the 7th day biblical Sabbath. So, it’s always nice to know that the day will be spent without any of the usual running around, working, over-scheduling, daily chores, etc that happen on the other days of the week.

Vacation time is no different, meaning that we didn’t plan to go anywhere special or do any sightseeing, beach trips or other excursions. It’s a day set apart by God to be holy. We spend it relaxing, resting, refocusing, studying scripture, meditating, praying, enjoying creation, drawing close to our Creator, observing a service, and the like. The Sabbath day is always a delight and we look forward to it each and every week.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, we also decided to take a walk around Jolly Harbour itself since we really hadn’t spent a whole lot of time doing that. There are plenty of side streets and paths leading throughout the marina, the villa complex itself, and the two beaches within Jolly Harbour. We found a nice route that had limited golf cart and vehicle traffic and offered nice views of the higher-end private housing, the boats in the marina, and a lot of beautiful tropical foliage. It ended up being a pretty long walk as it looped back around to our North Finger villa, and we decided to follow it the entire way. The walk did a fine job of wearing out a certain toddler. He really enjoyed throwing stones into the waterways, observing the butterflies and birds, and merrily bouncing along the paths the way only a toddler can.

We ended the day observing yet another breathtaking sunset at North Jolly Beach. It never gets old the way the light hits the palm trees and seashells, the sun sinks into the watery horizon, and the fiery colors reflect off the waters and boats. Just the mention of it reminds me how much I miss it. Sigh.



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