3 Beach Beauty Essentials with 1 Thing in Common

It’s funny that I’m actually writing a beauty post. That’s not really my thing. I’m pretty low maintenance these days, and more so the older I get.

And when you’re at the beach, who really needs much in the way of beauty supplies? Not me. I sometimes wonder how some women can wear a face full of makeup when it’s so hot that it must melt right off. I’m lucky if I put on mascara and lipgloss.

With that being said, there are a few beach beauty essentials that I happen to love. They are quick, easy, affordable and all-natural.

Here are my top three faves and things I use quite often on most beach trips.

Face: Witch Hazel with Lavender

I hate sunscreen, especially on my face, but it is mandatory for me. I’ve had enough sun damage for a lifetime and see its effects more and more with the passing of each year with increased freckles and deeper lines and wrinkles.

My saving grace for my face after a long, hot day at the beach is Witch Hazel with a touch of lavender essential oil in it.

I use it on a cotton ball (Trader Joe’s carries a brand of Witch Hazel with lavender EO already in it… love that) or on pre-soaked Witch Hazel cleansing pads (I just add a drop or two of lavender into the container and shake it in). I always keep this in my beach bag.

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and the lavender is soothing. It’s the perfect combination for my face any day, but especially after a beach day.

It’s like an instant facial. I wipe it on and feel immediately refreshed. It also wipes off the lingering sunscreen so my face feels clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

It leaves a residual glow that I’ve not found with any other beauty product for the face. I also have sensitive skin, so this works perfectly for me without fear of a breakout or reaction.

Try it!

Skin: Aloe Vera with Peppermint

Aloe Vera gel spray (a watered down form of Aloe Vera gel) chilled in the fridge with a drop or two of peppermint essential oil is the ultimate skin cooling relief after a day in the sun. I keep it in a spray bottle for convenient use and easy application.

Aloe Vera has a lot of skin-friendly properties, or so I’ve read, but for me it just feels good and makes my skin happy. The addition of peppermint essential oil turns the cooling factor up another notch.

It’s the ideal skin refresher after a day in the sun, sand and saltwater and something I look forward to taking out of the fridge at the end of a beach day for instant cooling relief after a hot day.


Hair: Coconut Oil with Lavender & Mint

I like to simultaneously condition and protect my hair from the elements when I’m at the beach.

I love a dab of unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil on the ends of my hair and combed through all of my hair after a swim in the ocean. It naturally detangles my knotted salted sea hair, protects it from the damaging rays of the sun with its inherent SPF factor (8), and conditions it while the sun beats down on my head all day.

I keep a wide-toothed comb in my beach bag to run through my hair after applying it. Sometimes I leave my hair down, but usually I twist it into a quick knot to keep the hair off my skin and out of my face. Then I just let it do its thing.

There are a lot of essential oils that have healthy-hair properties. For me, I love the combination of lavender and mint together (either spearmint or peppermint  works for me). It’s just a personal preference. Again, it’s more of an aromatherapy choice since I love the fragrance of uplifting mint with flowery lavender. But you choose what you like.

Or keep it extra low maintenance by solely using the coconut oil.

Just remember, a little bit goes a long way! And wash or at least rinse it out when you get home.

I guess by now you’ve recognized the common denominator in all of my beach beauty basics: essential oils. I’m fairly new to the world of EOs, but I really love how versatile they are and how many things they enhance in my daily life.

So what are your beach beauty essentials? Do you have any favorite tips for me? I need all the help I can get!


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