Last Tribute

I'm saying farewell to my fantasies this week, since the realities are more palatable to me as far as the weather is concerned. Here's my last tribute to St. John, US Virgin Islands. I know it's time to move on. One final exhale. Aaahhhh. P.S. I love yachts.  


It's supposed to reach 70 degrees here in North Carolina next week. (It better happen, because if these local weather people get my hopes up and they're wrong; it won't be pretty.) Although the scenery won't be quite as beautiful as the view from this hammock on a beach somewhere in St. John, I'll still …

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First Impressions of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Well, I've driven through the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN areas previously, but haven't really spent time getting to know the area. It's our second night here and we're finally getting settled in. Traveling with a baby takes some getting used to, and changes your itinerary a bit, but it's still fun. It's also a …

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